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Observe animal behavior relating to food preference Use statistical analysis to determi..
For a class of 30. Students perform hands-on dissect..
Compare predicted results with results obtained thro..
Offering students the opportunity to gain an underst..
Use a sphygmomanometer and stethoscope to measure sy..
Observe animal behaviors relating to environmental s..
Use the Winkler technique to measure dissolved oxyge..
On the move: Examine the mechanisms of diffusion and..
Observe form and function of an enzymeDetermine the ..
Mitosis and meiosis are critical cellular functions ..
Students use chromatography and spectrophotometry to..
Students study cell respiration in relation to tempe..
This kit is great for teaching:The molecular basis o..
Use fruit flies for genetic crossesLearn to determin..
Estimate the frequency of alleles in a population us..