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Beginning - Easy to perform; requires little or no p..
Grade 9-College. Exploring the capabilities and limi..
Produce a professional-looking crime scene sketch qu..
Bone Clones®. Plastic. European male, 25 years of ag..
Bone Clones®. Plastic. African-American male, mid-30..
Students use basic science process skills to solve a..
Intermediate - Easy to perform; requires some backgr..
A Carolina Exclusive!Immunodetective BioKit® - perfe..
This display set is just what you need to demonstrat..
Removing ink has just become faster and quicker. Use..
No more smears! These towelettes cut through and rem..
Create prints of feet or footwear without the hassle..
Grades 8-12. 2006. 128 pages each. Covering a wide a..
This kit helps students act as forensic scientists t..
Take your fingerprinting activities to the next leve..