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With continuously adjustable speed control (up to 3,..
Our 9-L water bath with stainless-steel tank is idea..
You can load 6 gels at a time with the micropipettor..
Easy-to-use design allows you to cast gels without u..
Durable 1/4" acrylic constructionSafe - unit will no..
Run 2 gels in one chamber and use half the number of..
Holds up to 6 pipets of different makes (fits most m..
Double the capacity of our item# 213668 CarolinaTM G..
Rugged, economical gel box is designed for teaching ..
For viewing gels after staining with CarolinaBLUTM. ..
This sleek, portable light box is ideal for viewing ..
Ergonomically designed Carolinaâ„¢ NG Pipettors featur..
This sterile polystyrene tube, with snap cap, is use..
This low-cost starter system is research quality. In..
Great for staining and storing gels, this sturdy pla..