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These tubes with molded, raised graduations are ster..
Individually wrapped and sterile. A convenient and s..
Draws approximately 1 mL. Suitable for loading 10 ┬ÁL..
For use with item# 211149 Restriction Enzyme Cleavag..
For use with DNA Restriction Analysis Kit. An inexpe..
A compact, convenient substitute for ice buckets. Fo..
Not only is this bufferless, pre-cast gel-running sy..
This efficient and reliable device is designed for e..
Four color-coded terminals for running multiple gels..
Continuously adjustable and autoclavable for sterili..
Series 2100 pipets offer Eppendorf quality at a lowe..
These convenient cards stain gels easily and rapidly..
These high-quality, fixed-volume micropipets offer a..
Polypropylene rack conveniently holds 16 filled, 1.5..
This 13 x 9 cm foam rack holds 24 tubes ranging in s..