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Take your fingerprinting activities to the next leve..
Give your students a complete CSI experience with th..
Employs specific antibody-antigen reactions in agar ..
This cost-effective alternate light source illuminat..
Grades 6-12. For a class of 30. Students go through ..
Grades 9-College. Central Ireland's waterlogged land..
All humans are born with the same number and type of..
1, 2, 3–GLOW! Dust fingerprints with this fluorescen..
Proper eye protection is essential when using forens..
While memory and photographs fade with time, DNA and..
Every piece of evidence provides a clue about a crim..
PowderJet™ Fingerprint Powder delivers just the righ..
Perform the classic 3-step Kastle-Meyer test for blo..
Students learn how DNA and other forensic evidence c..
Bone Clones®. Plastic. Caucasian male, no age specif..