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Firearms, electronic equipment, and motor vehicles h..
Grade 8 and up. For a class 30. Students working in ..
A Carolina Exclusive! For a class of 30 working in g..
John Harding, et al. 1997. 24 pages. This well-writt..
The full Mystery of Lyle and Louise kit series, read..
Grade 9—College. During a car crash investigation, J..
Grade 9—College. Blood spatter is found at the cabin..
Grade 9—College. Identity crisis! Two women are iden..
Grade 9—College. The bodies discovered in the cabin ..
Grade 9—College. A large amount of trace evidence is..
Grade 9—College. During the investigation of the Mon..
Beginning - Easy to perform; requires little or no p..
The manufacturing process of tool-making leaves patt..
Grades 9-12. 2003. 200 pages. Bring out the scientis..
Travel Bag for Carrying Carolina Crime Scene Materia..