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Students measure rate of oxygen consumption of vario..
Students use the floating leaf disk method to study ..
With improved double Neubauer ruling. Polished inden..
Streamlined nurse's stethoscope with excellent acous..
Classical bell jar model demonstrates the role of di..
For determining maximum lung volume (vital capacity)..
Employs specific antibody-antigen reactions in agar ..
Employs specific antibody-antigen reactions in agar ..
Eggs are collected each morning from females breedin..
A 3"-diam, genuine animal membrane for use in osmosi..
This dual-scale clinical thermometer uses Galinstan,..
Used for production of cheese. 100 mL per bottle.Com..
Perfect for classroom determination of students' hem..
Model the action of a kidney for a striking visual d..
For a class of 30. Students study the basic structur..