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Altay®. Greatly enlarged. Plaque-mounted set include..
Altay Human Fetal Development Set - Life size. This ..
Liquid. Breaks starch into dextrose. 100 mL per bott..
Certified aneroid gauge fits any conventional blood ..
For demonstrating immunological precipitin reactions..
For demonstrating immunological precipitin reactions..
Use a sphygmomanometer and stethoscope to measure sy..
On the move: Examine the mechanisms of diffusion and..
Observe form and function of an enzymeDetermine the ..
Students study cell respiration in relation to tempe..
For a class of 30. For ABO and Rh blood typing. Incl..
Contains a 50-mL vial each of A–, B–, AB+, and O+ bl..
For classroom study of visual function; students tes..
Grades 9-College. This activity is designed for mini..
Demonstrate that ATP, potassium ions, and magnesium ..