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Altay®. Enlarged millions of times. Set of 4 models ..
Altay®. 300x life size. A woody dicot stem is shown ..
College. Anatomist Gunther von Hagens is famous for ..
Hydrostone. Consists of 5 expertly cast replicas of ..
Natural bone. Fully articulated and mounted on base...
Bobbitt. Shows transverse and longitudinal sections ..
Bobbitt. An open dissection shows anatomy in detail...
Bobbitt. Shows structures in cross and longitudinal ..
Bobbitt. Ventral dissection of the bullfrog. Half th..
Bobbitt. Lateral dissection of female showing major ..
Bobbitt. Shows cellular structure both in cross and ..
Bobbitt. Corn. Ideal for demonstrating the general m..
Bobbitt. Internal organs are demonstrated in a sprea..
Bobbitt Sea Anemone Model. A section is dissected to..
Bobbitt. Compares germination in corn and lima bean...