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Bobbitt. Greatly enlarged. Shows internal and extern..
Bobbitt. Three-year-old Tilia. Transverse, radial, a..
Bone Clones®. Pan troglodytes. This reproduction has..
Bone Clones®. Panthera concolor. The cougar survives..
Bone Clones®. Gorilla gorilla. This skull exhibits m..
Bone Clones®. Homo ergaster. Plastic. KNM-ER 3733. W..
Bone Clones®. Homo heidelbergensis. Plastic. Origina..
Plastic. Excellent skull series for comparative stud..
Bone Clones®. Gorilla gorilla. An excellent cast. ..
High-quality skulls show details not usually found i..
Economically priced and easy to use, the CarolinaTM ..
Natural bone. From large, select specimen. Fully art..
Natural bone. Unmounted in cardboard storage contain..
Natural bone. The skeleton is unmounted in a black p..
Natural bone. Large, with eye rings and hyoid bones...