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Altay®. 600x life size. Shown in cross and longitudi..
Altay®. 400x life size. This 3-part model shows dico..
Plastic. Good quality. Specimen features a 3-piece s..
Plastic. This fully flexible, life-sized vertebral c..
Plastic. With all structures accurately shown, this ..
Plastic. Good quality. This complete spinal column f..
Altay®. Plastic. Representing a functional knee join..
Good-quality skeleton at an affordable priceValuable..
Altay®. Plastic. This model of a flexible shoulder j..
Life-size skeleton of a complete female human pelvis..
Life-size representation of a human fetal skull at w..
Altay®. Approximately 7x life size. Shows structural..
Altay®. Life size fish model. A longitudinal dissect..
Life size. Fully flexible vertebral column with inte..
Altay®. About 2-1/2 × life size. Sectioned ventrall..