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Altay®. Life size. Dissectible into 4 parts. Dissect..
Altay®. About life size. A 5-part, plaque-mounted mo..
Altay Human Fetal Development Set - Life size. This ..
Altay®. Life size. Half pelvis with full-term fetus ..
Plaque-mounted model includes a 100x longitudinal se..
Altay®. Life size. The human head is sectioned sagit..
Altay®. Life size. Meticulously detailed dissection ..
Altay®. About life size. An excellent representation..
Altay®. About life size. Deep dissection of right si..
Altay. About 2-1/2x life size. Cranial nerve pathway..
Altay®. Life size. Dissectible into 2 parts. Clearly..
Altay®. Greatly enlarged. Plaque-mounted series of 3..
Altay®. 2x life size. This 5-part model is sectioned..
Altay®. About 3/4x life size. This 3-part plaque mou..
Altay®. About life size. Separates into 4 parts for ..