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Altay®. Greatly enlarged. Open section shows the inn..
Altay®. 40x life size. The model shows a corn seed i..
Altay®. 600x life size. Shown in cross and longitudi..
Altay®. 400x life size. This 3-part model shows dico..
Altay®. 300x life size. The block model shows a herb..
Altay®. 300x life size. This model shows a monocot l..
Altay®. 200x life size. Cellular and subcellular det..
Altay®. 400x life size. This block model shows a mo..
Altay®. About 20,000x life size. Shows structure of ..
Altay®. 300x life size. A woody dicot stem is shown ..
Bobbitt. Shows transverse and longitudinal sections ..
Bobbitt. Shows structures in cross and longitudinal ..
Bobbitt. Shows cellular structure both in cross and ..
Bobbitt. Corn. Ideal for demonstrating the general m..
Bobbitt. Compares germination in corn and lima bean...