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Carolina™ Microscope SlidesTop QualityAffordableBack..
Carolina™ Microscope SlidesTop QualityAffordableBack..
Cabbage root showing Plasmodiophoia brassicae in hos..
Smear showing filaments and yeast-like conidia. Caus..
Especially for onion squashes. 15-mL unit. ..
Ten slides show a variety of pathological conditions..
A Carolina Exclusive!Superior glass gives superior c..
Carolina™ Top-Quality Glass Microscope SlidesSuperio..
A Carolina Exclusive!Now students can prepare custom..
A Carolina Exclusive!Molded of blue high-impact styr..
See how everyday items appear strange, yet fascinati..
Our culture or concavity slides are finely ground an..
Introduce young students to the fascinating world of..
A convenient, practical package containing 72 qualit..