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Includes 36 blank microscope slides, 60 coverslips, ..
For up to 30 students. Provides a basic introduction..
Developed through the Defying Gravity Project by tea..
Especially for onion squashes. 15-mL unit. ..
See how everyday items appear strange, yet fascinati..
Introduce young students to the fascinating world of..
Introduce your advanced students to cellular gender ..
Supplies for making microscope slides. Includes 72 b..
Consists of 18 mounted, unstained sections of plant ..
For a class of up to 30 students. Students identify ..
Sarcophaga. For a class of 30. Students prepare squa..
For a class of 30. Students perform a Gram stain on ..
Students use techniques similar to those used by for..
Beginning - Easy to perform; requires little or no p..
This kit helps students act as forensic scientists t..