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BiocastTM reproductions. Each fish is cast from the ..
Biorama™ preparation. Bring the diversity of fishes ..
BiosmountTM preparation. Ten different fish, represe..
BioramaTM preparation. Shows 26 typical freshwater p..
Clear polystyrene boxes for storing and exhibiting s..
Egg, hatched larva, 5- to 7-mm larva, operculum, 2-l..
BiosmountTM preparation. Dissection and double injec..
BiosmountTM preparation. Contains eggs, larval stage..
Biorama™ preparation. Eight specimens represent the ..
An excellent mount to help students learn about inco..
Compare and review the gymnosperms with this collect..
This collection helps your students learn to identif..
EntomountTM preparation. Features 16 common pests of..
BiosmountTM preparation. Dirofilaria immitis in situ..
All-welded, steel construction cases. Vertical parti..