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Biocast™ reproductions. Includes 17 species of mamma..
BiosmountTM preparation. One shell is removed from t..
Venus. One shell is removed from this bivalve to exp..
Biorama™ preparation. Review the phylum Mollusca wit..
BiosmountTM preparation. Ten representative specimen..
Entomount™ preparation. Bring the wonder of complete..
Nemata Collection - Biosmount™ preparation. An essen..
BioramaTM preparation. This set of 20 ocean specimen..
Small specimen. Opaque mount. Size, 3 x 3". ..
BioramaTM preparation. Students can identify skulls ..
BiosmountTM preparation. Dissected. The circulatory ..
Double injected. Specimen is dissected to show inter..
BiosmountTM preparation. The arteries are injected r..
BiosmountTM preparation. Injected with 3 colors of l..
Dissected to show internal organs. Arteries are inje..