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Biorama™ preparation. Enhance the study of gymnosper..
Includes male cone, first-year female cone, and I.s...
Fifty representative specimens are mounted in twelve..
BioramaTM preparation. This unique set clearly shows..
Black polypropylene web, far superior to cotton web ..
BiosmountTM preparation. Five representative specime..
Complete skeleton of a poisonous snake embedded in c..
Constructed of hardwood strips firmly held together ..
Double injected. This unique mount is an excellent t..
BiosmountTM preparation. Dissection and double injec..
BiosmountTM preparation. Includes entire worm. Male ..
Biorama™ preparation. Explore the diversity of fruit..
BiosmountTM preparation. Dissected with external and..
BioramaTM preparation. Excellent for demonstrating h..
Biorama™ preparation. Teach the diversity of phylum ..