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This stunning 2-toned, highly detailed African hardw..
All-glass tanks with screened tops. Ideal for amphib..
The American chameleon. Anolis is easy to keep and i..
This brown chameleon is hardy and lively. Males can ..
Catch live insects for observational studies or as f..
Locally collected in North Carolina. Unit of 200 to ..
Bullfrog larvae for demonstrating early metamorphosi..
Excellent chameleon starter habitat for any classroo..
When your young gecko outgrows its first habitat, mo..
Small aquatic frog ideal for use in tropical aquaria..
Larval stages and young tadpoles. Excellent for hand..
Peeper, toad, grass-frog, or bullfrog eggs. Excellen..
Artificially fertilized in our laboratory or field c..
Use the Herp HabitatTM to create an aquatic, desert,..
Help your students understand the frog life cycle wi..