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Meets AP® Chemistry experiment 20. In this microscal..
Prepare and operate an electrochemical cell, measure..
Meets AP® Chemistry experiment 21. This 3-experiment..
Using the CD-ROM's virtual lab equipment, students d..
Students use calorimetry to determine the enthalpy c..
Students determine the concentration of Fe(SCN)2+ in..
Students enter a virtual laboratory to determine the..
Meets AP® Chemistry Topic 18. Students learn the tec..
Meets AP® Chemistry topics 6, 7, and 10. Teach stud..
Meets AP® Chemistry Topic 1. Students analyze and d..
Students use their knowledge of pH and indicators an..
Meets AP® Chemistry Topics 11 and 19. In this 2-part..
Meets AP® Chemistry topic 22. Perform organic synthe..
While performing this virtual lab, students use mola..
Students measure the masses of solvents and solutes,..