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Investigate Le Chatelier's principle using colorful,..
Study the 4 types of chemical reactions Predict the..
Investigate the properties of ionic and covalent che..
Study stoichiometry in a new and innovative wayWrite..
Develop a heating curve to show different phases of ..
This package of all 18 Inquiries in Science chemistr..
Determine the percentage composition of a substanceU..
Define acid and basePerform an acid-base titration o..
Differentiate between heat and temperatureCalculate ..
Use real-world comparisons to understand the mole as..
Develop a metal activity seriesBuild a wet cell batt..
Distinguish between different types of mixtures Det..
Discover periodicity through observing patterns in c..
Identify the factors that affect reaction rate Dete..
A Carolina Exclusive! Grades 9—12. This convenient p..