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For gel electrophoresis of DNA, 10x concentration. S..
Kit containing 20 amino acids, 1 g each. L-Alanine ..
Notes: 2% phenolphthalein in 20% potassium hydroxide..
Kleermount®, in Xylene, Laboratory Grade, 100 mL - A..
Formula: CAS: Health Risk: 3Flammability: 3Reactivit..
Formula: C6H8O6Formula Wt.: 176.12CAS: 50-81-7Health..
Synonym: 2,3-Dihydroxybutanedioic acid Formula: C4..
Formula: C12H24O12 •H20Formula Wt.: 360.31CAS: 5989-..
Synonym: Wool fatCAS: 8006-54-0Characteristic: Yello..
Formula: CH3(CH2) 10CO2H F.W.: 200.32 CAS No.: 1..
Formula: Pb F.W.: 207.20 CAS No.: 7439-92-1 Char..
Formula: PbCl2 F.W.: 278.11 CAS No.: 7758-95-4 He..
Note: Each small ChemCapsule makes 50 mL of 0.5 M so..
Formula: Pb(CH3COO)2 - 3H2O F.W.: 379.33 CAS No...
Formula: Pb(NO3)2Formula Wt.: 331.2CAS: 10099-74-8He..