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Replacement solutions for AP Lab #4. 80 mL ..
Replacement for use with AP Lab #4. 80-mL bottle. St..
Synonym: O-phenanthroline, ortho-phenanthroline Fo..
Sold only to schools and businesses. ..
For DNA digestion. Sold only to schools and business..
Aqueous solutions may be slightly hazy or turn yello..
Formula: (CH3)2CHOHFormula Wt.: 60.1CAS: 67-63-0Heal..
Formula: C6H4Cl2Formula Wt.: 147.01CAS: 106-46-7Heal..
Keep refrigeratedCAS: 8049-47-6Health Risk: 1Flammab..
Notes: Clear; low melting point paraffinParaffin Oi..
Notes: Clear; low melting point paraffin ..
Artificial Gastric Juice is a premixed, ready to use..
Synonym: Petroleum Jelly, Vaseline CAS No.: 8009-0..
CAS: 8032-32-4Health Risk: 2Flammability: 4Reactivit..
Formula: C6H5OHFormula Wt.: 94.11CAS: 108-95-2Health..