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Grades 9-12. In this experiment, students simulate t..
Grades 9-12. In this guided investigation, students ..
Observe a dynamic equilibrium and Le Chatelier's pri..
Grades 9-12. These hands-on, inquiry-based laborator..
Grades 9-12. Students learn to classify and identify..
Grades 9-12. Explore the fundamental properties of a..
Grades 9-12. In this guided-inquiry experiment, stud..
Teach freezing-point depression, a colligative prope..
Grades 9-12. Students can perform 21 double-replacem..
Teach your students the fundamentals of paper chroma..
Grades 9-12. Lipids are organic compounds that provi..
Grades 9-12. Students explore the law of conservatio..
Grades 9-12. Students react vinegar and Alka-Seltzer..
Discover that the melting and freezing points of a s..
Grades 9-12. Introduce students to the practical app..