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Grades 9—12. Peter J. Mikulecky, PhD, Michelle Rose..
Grades 9-College. Detailed animation of chemical mod..
Grades 9-12. These hands-on, inquiry-based laborator..
Introduce your students to the elements with the Car..
Students create their own periodic tables with these..
Grades 9-12. This fun and interactive set features 2..
Mickey Sarquis (editor). 2000. 75 pages. Guide stude..
Bassam Shakhashiri. The goal of this 5-volume series..
Grades 6-12. An introduction to chemistry on DVD. Le..
Dynamic animations bring to life the invisible world..
Introduce students to the basic characteristics of m..
This program looks at various types of reactions: ex..
Help students to access the wealth of information in..
This program begins by explaining the difference bet..
John T. Moore. 2002. 384 pages. Written in plain Eng..