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Designed to hold miniature bulbs. Constructed of pla..
Magnets, painted red, with poles stamped. Sold in pa..
Economical instrument offers seven modes of operatio..
Contains 2 molded-plastic cars (5 x 2") with snap-in..
Set of 9 hooked masses constructed of cast iron with..
Lightweight and easy to carry, this light meter meas..
Kit includes a variety of magnets and accessories fo..
This inexpensive but durable handheld spectroscope l..
Carolina's many general purpose student bench meters..
Constructed of durable plastic with metal Fahnestock..
Consists of 8 steel tuning forks (C-256, D-288, E-32..
This transparent cell comes with 8 assorted electrod..
Students place one book at a time on the top block t..
Operates on 3- to 6-V DC battery or 6- to 10-V AC tr..
Replacement electrode for item# 757486 Student Volta..