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Sets of metal electrodes. Each electrode is stamped ..
Sets of metal electrodes. Each electrode is stamped ..
Designed for elementary through high school students..
Make learning electronics easy and fun! Set of build..
Allows students to make electricity by friction and ..
Demonstrate multiple electrostatic principles: elect..
Materials for demonstrating the generation of electr..
High-energy, long-lasting Energizer® alkaline batter..
Energizer® Industrial Alkaline Batteries - High-ener..
Demonstrate energy transformations or conversions wi..
The power source for all fischertechnik® ROBO TX mod..
When two 1-lb steel balls collide, the impact genera..
Demonstrates the inverse relationship between densit..
Each set consists of 5 cylinders measuring 1/2" in d..
Constructed of a special acrylic composition with fi..