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Constructed of cadmium-plated steel with screw conne..
These magnets are the perfect size and strength for ..
Powerful, permanent magnets made of an alloy of alum..
Extra-strong, highly polished magnet originally used..
High-quality, extremely powerful magnets made of an ..
Use this set to compare magnet strengths, e.g., bar ..
Buy a set and save! This set of 4 powerful magnets i..
Measure the maximum altitude of your rocket's flight..
Does the rate of an object's acceleration depend on ..
Use with slotted masses (not included). Measures 16 ..
This economical multimeter measures voltage, current..
35 × 45". Want a clear, understandable poster for a..
With this set, groups of 4 students can conduct expe..
Used in collision and pendulum demonstrations. A 12-..
Demonstrates thermo-expansion of metals. When the ba..