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Set contains one paddle of the 3 primary colors (red..
Precision, liquid-filled compass that features easy-..
Our largest compass. Measures 50-mm diam with clear ..
Used for studying the characteristics of magnetic fi..
Measure the conductivity of solids and liquids quick..
Test the conductivity of liquids quickly and easily...
Used to demonstrate the relative conductivity of var..
Constructed of heavy-gauge, plastic covered wire wit..
Use this battery-powered vehicle in any experiment r..
Sturdy and durable with a large button to demonstrat..
Used to study convection currents in the air. Consis..
Used to study convection currents in liquids. Fill t..
Carolina's many general purpose student bench meters..
This pistol grip-style generator can be used with mo..
Choose this motor when working with 1.5-V batteries ..