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Set of 12 different rods ranging in density from 0.5..
Inexpensive grating used in introductory work with s..
Great for studying the properties of light or buildi..
Constructed of hardened stainless steel with a brigh..
This Digital Multimeter is a compact, full-featured ..
A deluxe sound meter for every purpose. Meter covers..
Small, handheld, polished aluminum sphere 10 cm in d..
Covering key topics in the high school physics curri..
Set of 9 double-hooked masses constructed of polishe..
Ideal for collision and pendulum demonstrations. Con..
A classic toy that is really a heat engine. Operatin..
Allows 2 groups of students to work from the same po..
Two carts, each constructed of heavy-gauge aluminum ..
Grades 8-12. Thomas Kardos. 2003 (2nd edition). 160 ..
Painted alnico magnets sold in pairs with separator ..