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This attention-grabbing device introduces students t..
Set of 6 acrylic demonstration lenses includes one e..
Set of 6 high-quality acrylic prisms made from clear..
Meter measures to 400,000 lux (0.1-lux resolution) o..
Attach lenses, prisms, mirrors, and light sources to..
Holds 1 candle as a light source on a meterstick opt..
This comprehensive kit introduces students to the pr..
Need a brighter laser? The light of this green laser..
Get a multipurpose tool that works for presentations..
These 7 color filters (red, orange, yellow, green, b..
Set includes 7 color filters (red, pink, orange, yel..
Set contains one paddle of the 3 primary colors (red..
This deluxe digital multimeter measures voltage, cur..
Large, 16"-diam, silver-backed mirrors for demonstra..
Inexpensive grating used in introductory work with s..