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35 × 45". Want a clear, understandable poster for a..
Covering key topics in the high school physics curri..
Grades 8-12. Thomas Kardos. 2003 (2nd edition). 160 ..
Notes: Set contains one 7.5-mL dropper bottle for ea..
Nye explores how the universe operates and why thing..
James Cunningham and Norman Herr. 1994. 657 pages. W..
Help students understand physical science principles..
Includes one each of the 6 titles in the series.Elec..
Provide students with a fundamental understanding of..
Introduces everyday mechanical forces and the myster..
Explains how thermal energy causes matter to change ..
Light is just the visible portion of the electromagn..
Newton's 3 laws of motion revolutionized physics. St..
This program illustrates how waves transfer energy—b..
Dr. Steve Holzner. 2005. 368 pages. Does thermodynam..