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Grades 3-8. 23 × 35 Ã. A graphic illustration of s..
Grades 5—9. Investigate potential and kinetic energy..
Build 5- to 6-foot-long replicas of 7 real-world bri..
Demonstrate Newton's laws, parachute technology, pro..
Write a computer program to control a K'NEX® model. ..
Go green and bring STEM concepts to life with this e..
Experience the hands-on excitement of roller coaster..
Grades 3—9. Leverage the fun of building and learnin..
Grades 6—9. Bring an amusement park into your classr..
Grades 3—5. Build 8 different real-world models, 1 a..
Size, 9 cm in diameter. ..
By touching 2 metal strips simultaneously, your body..