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Includes all materials needed for a class of 30 stud..
Visualize the vapor tracks of radioactive particles...
Globe Certified!For calibration of TDS meters. 230-m..
Chrome-plated steel soil sampler removes cores in al..
For inland or marine waters. Includes necessary appa..
Introduces the student to the study of microbes in t..
Ages 10 and up. News of environmental problems threa..
Introduce your students to fuel-cell technology, the..
The fastest, most economical method of performing on..
Handheld unit is easy to use, accurate, reliable, an..
Grade 5 and up. Introduce your students to Earth's c..
This water-resistant soil chart uses the Munsell Sys..
This comprehensive analytical instrument can measure..
Reduce clutter and utilize minimal desktop space. De..
Highly accurate electronic thermometer gives reading..