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Grade 4 and up. Designed especially for elementary a..
This kit includes one each of: water-sampling bottle..
Grade 4 and up. Introduce students to stream/river e..
Test ceramic ware, painted surfaces, and metal Attai..
Leaded or unleaded? Ask the right question and get t..
This convenient, low-cost portable meter allows you ..
This compact, lightweight, infrared thermometer is e..
Whether you need quick checks in the classroom or la..
This soil auger is constructed of heavyweight steel ..
Quick and easy to use Suitable for indoor and outdo..
These economical 1-pt solution bottles are freshness..
This bottle attaches to the end of any electrode, up..
Extend the life of your electrode, increase the spee..
This solution removes build-up from electrodes to ma..
The Photon Solar Racer uses solar cells to capture t..