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Track the progress of tropical weather systems on th..
With this hands-on kit students perform investigatio..
This waterproof tote with nylon neck lanyard contain..
In this lab investigation, students gain an understa..
How do we know continental plates move? Why do we th..
This real world-based activity allows students to ex..
Examine the APĀ® topics of soil and soil dynamics, fo..
Through investigations that use 2- and 3-dimensional..
Cast and Paint PerfectCastTM is 5 times stronger tha..
Contains 15 specimens, some of which represent life-..
Students perform a series of simple tests to make an..
A study unit of 50 rocks and minerals designed speci..
This colorful teaching model is designed specificall..
Measure relative humidity with weather bureau-type w..
AMEP. Self-contained, operating table dramatically i..