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Contains gemstones, rocks, and minerals found in wes..
AMEP. Helps students visualize the causes and forces..
Students enjoy learning about different types of wea..
For scratch testing hard and soft minerals. Package ..
This water-resistant soil chart uses the Munsell Sys..
Nylon carrying case for the Garmin GPS 12 (item# 281..
A simple, accurate, direct-reading wind velocity ind..
Everything students need to know about marine water ..
Saves time in lesson preparationEfficiently transpor..
This collection of 9 minerals represents the scale o..
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Igneous Rock Specimens in packs of 10 range in size ..
The 15 rocks in this group are representative of the..
Range, –55 to 55° C and –50 to 130° F. Read outside ..
This inexpensive, 24"-diam inflatable globe is great..