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Use this instrument to determine wind speed. Made of..
Perfect for use in fume hoods, environmental studies..
Track the progress of tropical weather systems on th..
With this hands-on kit students perform investigatio..
In this lab investigation, students gain an understa..
Through investigations that use 2- and 3-dimensional..
This colorful teaching model is designed specificall..
Measure relative humidity with weather bureau-type w..
The Vantage Vue® wireless weather station provides a..
For convenient weather monitoring, connect the Weath..
Large, clear, dual scale in hectoPascals and millime..
Temperature range, –40 to 50° C and –50 to 130° F; a..
Allows you to extend the length of any cable. This 4..
32 x 17". Each poster features a dynamic color photo..
In the 16th century Galileo Galilei discovered the p..