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Grades 8-12. The Dual Purpose Scopes combine a stan..
Grades 6—12. A standard cordless compound microscop..
Grades 8—12.The popular 3/4-sized frame offers a bui..
Grades 3-8. Designed for teachers and students alike..
The Megapixel Digital CoreScope is an affordable way..
Make your microscope digital with the Megapixel Pupi..
The Megapixel Vision Viewer 7890UM features a high-r..
Designed with younger students in mind, this stereom..
Grades 9 - College. Value Priced to accomodate most ..
Grade 9—College. Study 2 specimens side-by-side wit..
The Video Flex® 7600 - an innovative, flexible camer..
Features 4 3/4" gray enamel felted base, 8"-H stand,..
Grades 9 - College. CxL microscopes feature quality ..
Grade 9-College. A fresh approach to dissection micr..
Made in USA. Double lens (3x and 6x) constructed of ..