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b>Grade 9—College.Professional-quality stereomicrosc..
Wolfe® DigiVuTM Microscopes and Motic® Moticam Digit..
Priced to fit any budget! This 2-in-1 microscope wit..
Grades 3-6. Oversized midrange focusing knobs Achr..
Grades 9—12. DIN** 4×, 10×, and 40×R objectives ..
Grade 9—College. DIN** 4x, 10x, 40xR, and oil-emer..
Grade 9—College. Experience the convenience and vers..
Grade 9—College. Simply turn this stereomicroscope's..
This pen-type magnifier is equipped with a 15-mm-dia..
Acrylic box with magnifier built into the lid. Ideal..
Two in one–this piece of equipment functions as both..
A 188 page Curriculum Guide, complete with step-by-s..
This illuminated magnifying glass has a 2 x 4" lens ..
A 2 x 4" lens is mounted in a one-piece, molded, pla..
Silvered Lamp 20 W 120 V ..