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Scope, Comparison ..
The C-mount adapter connects C-mount-capable cameras..
If you're on a tight budget, here's a clear solution..
Developed by TERC. 2009. 115 pages. Swift® lab manua..
Grade 9 - College. Precision, ease of use, and qual..
Grade 8-College. Combining Swift® optical and mechan..
Grade 9 - College. Three magnifications at the flick..
Grade 8 - College. Versatile - view micro or macro ..
Grade 8 - College. Versatile - view micro or macro ..
A truly unique concept in microscopy! The M3-F fore..
Grade 9—College. User-friendly, student-proof, quali..
Grade 9-College. Packed with research-grade features..
Designed to fit your budget Grade 9-College. With t..
An optically correct magnifier produced from new, to..
Optically correct. 1" diam, 2" focus. ..