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2x/6x/8x. Contains a 1"-diam 2x lens, 5/8"-diam 6x l..
10x, screw focusing. ..
Grade 9-College. Innovation describes these M series..
Grade 9 - College The latest in zoom microscopy, th..
The ST series microscope has all the quality feature..
The full-sized microscopes in this series feature a ..
This spring-loaded 100x objective easily screws into..
Perfect for students in the primary grades. Reveals ..
Increase the magnification of your Student Stereomic..
Objective lens for most Wolfe microscopes. ..
Traditional microscopes with modern design and advan..
Advanced High School and College. Wolfe® Beta Micros..
Advanced High School and College. This top-of-the-l..
The improved Wolfe® CadetTM is a great choice for ha..