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Pyrex®. Corning® 1003. With spout and approximate gr..
Corning® 1000. With approximate graduations. For con..
Designed for laboratory glass blowing. The same glas..
Corning® 4985. These Erlenmeyer flasks with phenolic..
These square bottles from Corning® are durable, save..
Corning® 70000. Standard Griffin beakers with spout,..
Corning® 70022. These Class A cylinders are calibrat..
Corning® 70024. These Class A cylinders are calibrat..
Corning® 70980. These narrow-mouth Erlenmeyer flasks..
Corning® 70100. These flat-bottom boiling flasks are..
Corning® 70340. These filtering flasks have sidearm ..
Corning® 70820. These reusable rimless culture tubes..
Calibrated to contain. With ground glass stoppers. ..
Pyrex®. Corning® 5320. Neck has heavy, uniform flang..
Made of the same glass used in Pyrex® glassware and ..