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Economical, high-quality borosilicate cylinders that..
Economical, high-quality borosilicate Erlenmeyer fla..
Economical, high-quality, borosilicate, reusable cul..
With rim. Economical, high-quality, borosilicate tes..
Economical, high-quality borosilicate Erlenmeyer fla..
Pyrex®. Plain, beaded rim. ..
This deluxe set is the perfect size for a class of s..
This quick, convenient buret setup contains all the ..
The coils inside this condenser provide better cooli..
Pyrex®. Corning® 2340. With inner tube sealed in. Re..
One-time use eliminates the danger of cross-contamin..
Corning® 70165. These flat, clear dishes are made fr..
Interlocking on all sides - design your own extended..
This autoclavable, polypropylene test tube rack hold..
This sterile polystyrene tube, with snap cap, is use..