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Holds up to 50 pieces on rubber-tipped pins and 5 pi..
This selection of autoclavable plastic racks offers ..
These economy flint watch glasses come in multiple s..
The lightweight pipetting aid uses pushbutton contro..
Nalgene®. Graduated flasks with excellent clarity, p..
Pyrex®. Corning® 3180. Made with flattened bottoms a..
The optimally located thumbwheel on these pipettors ..
Provides easy, precise pipetting and features a rapi..
With foot. Similar to item# 732345 Small Fermentatio..
More efficient by test than other filter pumps; will..
Fine-quality flint glass makes bending, blowing, and..
Coors 490. Size, 3. With fixed perforated plates. Gl..
Nalgene®. Break-resistant. External ribbing prevents..
Pyrex®. Corning® 3022. With pourout and hexagonal ba..
Wheaton. Borosilicate glass. Wide-mouthed opening sp..