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Range, 1.000 to 1.060; subdivisions, 0.002. Length, ..
Range 1.000 to 1.060, subdivisions, 0.001. Length, 1..
Measures a full range of liquids in specific gravity..
Standard shape, for use with Urinometer Jar item# 72..
The outside diameter of this vertical tube with clos..
Multi-level volume demonstrations. Five flush-filled..
Bottle and tubing are molded in one piece for streng..
Used for micro-reactions such as restriction digests..
Beakers have easy-to-read, silk-screened graduations..
Unbreakable plastic beakers with easy-to-read, raise..
Scienceware®. An economical alternative to wire rack..
Pyrex®. Complete units (tops and bottoms). With rein..
Nalgene®. 100 x 15 mm. Autoclavable, transparent, sh..
Scienceware®. An economical pipetting aid that provi..
Scienceware®. A sturdy, molded polypropylene support..