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In need of a variety of cylinders? They're all found..
Pyrex®. Made of borosilicate glass to reduce pH chan..
Non-sterileNon-pluggedCorning® 7079. These pipets, w..
Sterile - each piece is individually wrappedPluggedC..
Ideal for your laboratory start-up needs or for thos..
Pyrex®. Corning® 4980. Narrow mouth with heavy toole..
Corning®. ID, 1.1 to 1.2 mm; wall thickness, 0.2 mm;..
Corning 6180. These short-stem funnels have depresse..
Pyrex®. Corning® 9800. With rim. Maximum chemical st..
Corning® 70320. These round-bottom boiling flasks ar..
Corning® 70825. These culture tubes are supplied wit..
Corning® 70800. These test tubes are well annealed, ..
Corning® 70640. These volumetric flasks provide prec..
Corning® 4620. Side tube 77 mm below top of neck, at..
Corning® 4060. With flat bottom and vial mouth. With..