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The unique, black Enviro-Safe® liquid fills a yellow..
These spring scales provide accurate measurements in..
Professional-quality sports stopwatch has all the fe..
This efficient and reliable device is designed for e..
Enviro-Safe® pocket thermometers provide the same sa..
Enviro-Safe® thermometers provide the highest degree..
Continuously adjustable and autoclavable for sterili..
Series 2100 pipets offer Eppendorf quality at a lowe..
The lightweight pipetting aid uses pushbutton contro..
The optimally located thumbwheel on these pipettors ..
Provides easy, precise pipetting and features a rapi..
A high-strength tape with heat-sealed markings to en..
These high-quality, fixed-volume micropipets offer a..
High-quality, fiberglass tape in plastic, windup cas..
The red alcohol-filled thermometer is recessed in a ..