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One of these interface kits is required to connect a..
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Kimble 34500. OD, 1.5 to 1.8 mm; approximate wall th..
Research qualityBuilt to hold up in classroom or lab..
This wall-mounted thermometer for indoor or outdoor ..
This timer features the largest display available on..
Hexagonal solid steel bars that are easy to work wit..
US Standard. ..
US Standard. ..
The SMP10 is designed with safety and ease-of-operat..
Both edges of one side are graduated in decimeters, ..
Constructed of hardwood with clear lacquer finish. B..
Designed with molded-in handles and hot-stamped, eas..
An inexpensive alternative to measuring microvolumes..
Micropipet tips fit LabpetteTM, Sealpette, Eppendorf..
Tips fit LabpetteTM, Sealpette, Eppendorf, CarolinaT..