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Features 3 removable shelves in refrigerator compart..
An inexpensive microcentrifuge with excellent featur..
This microcentrifuge has multiple speeds to 10,000 r..
2 units in 1, incubator and refrigerator The Incufr..
Revolutionary Science PolyPro Bath® - Accurate and a..
Flexible rubber blades limit stirring rod breaks and..
Soft, pliable rubber stoppers measure 1" in length;S..
Soft, pliable rubber. 1" in length.Size, Top and Bot..
Soft, pliable rubber stoppers measure 1" in length;T..
The SecadorTM 1.0 Desiccator Cabinet protects valuab..
These handy, leakproof bags are ideal for storing di..
Ultra-fine point. The permanent, high-intensity, bla..
Strong die-cast clamp holds one buret. Spring-loaded..
This powerful and quiet 6-place centrifuge is equipp..
A high-speed cool-running centrifuge for application..